Rock ‘N’ Roll Never Forgets…with “Dennis Elsas” FM Radio Legend… Sunday, March 11, 2:00 p.m. *20

“Rock ‘N’ Roll Never Forgets”…


“Dennis Elsas”

FM Radio Legend…!!

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     Well… It is with great honor for all of us here at the “Dix Hills Performing Arts Center” to introduce and proudly welcome this ‘Very Special Guest’..!  The legenday “On air Personality” and “Rock ’N’ Roll Authoritarian”  “Dennis Elsas”, has been one of the most influential voices in FM radio for over 35 years…!  In the duration of his time spent at the legendary WNEW-FM,  and his current place today on WFUV and Sirius/XM Classic Vinyl, “Elsas” has had the incredible and privilidge of interviewing some of our most prominent “Rock ‘N’ Roll Historic Legends”… To name a few… “John Lennon”, ”Elton John”,”Jerry Garcia”, “Pete Townsend”, and many more… Wow…!!

     So won’t you please come together to experience this unique “Live Presentation” as “Dennis” will take you on a journey… with stories of  his “Real and Rare” influences and uncovered details of how he has contributed to… And gained much inside information of our “Historic Rock Archives”…   He will share his personal experience’s and ‘Highlights’ of his many ‘Interviews’, and sometimes, even up close and personal…!!  Now that’s pretty cool…!!!  All of us “Rock History Buffs” will no doubt… Be totally  ‘Intrigued’ and ‘Educated’…  To learn and hear…  Far beyond the myths and tales, and more than the depths that we have already come to know  and appreciate about the Real deal”, of what really goes down… ‘Behind the scenes’ of the  mysterious and alluring’… Aspects of  this thing we know as the… Music Business”  First hand, straight from the man himself.  The exciting,  ‘Once Upon Our Yesterdays…. In a Revolutionary Era… In the Lifetime of Rock Music’….!!   ‘Reflections’ of “DennisElsas’s” personal perspective on ‘Growing up with top 40 FM radio’…  Having earned the incomprable recognition of being “A true pioneer of Progressive FM Radio”…!   Well now…  I am certainly impressed and interested aren’t you…??  

    ”Dennis”  also teaches a graduate course at Fordahm University called,” The Rock RevolutionIn Music and Media”.  So may I ask  at this time, that all of the “Music Fans”, “Rock ’N’ Roll Lovers”, “Students” and “Educators”out there…!!  Please put this ‘Special Event’ on your calandar… and “Things To Do” List”…   You  definitely don’t want to miss out on this very ‘Unique Opportunity’ to meet and hear stories of “Dennis Elsas’s” personal experience’s throughout our Beloved Rock ‘N’ Roll History’,  as well as his one on one interviews with our legendary Rock Greats… You will gain great ‘Knowledge’…  And you will be intrigued… Enjoy this rare afternoon of ‘Achives and Hightlights’…  See you there…!!!  Rock ‘N’Roll Never Forgets”…  And neither will we…

“Rock ‘N’ Roll Never Forgets”…

 And Neither Will We…!!

At The Dix Hills Performing Arts Center…

Five Towns College

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Date & Time: Sunday, March 11, 2:00 p.m. * $20.