Guitars on Fire..!! Volume 2…” A Lifetime with Guitars” featuring, “Peter Rogine & Joe Carbone in a FTC Guitar Alumni Reunion Friday, March 9, 7:30 p.m. *$20 Call for tickets..! 631-656-2148

Guitars on Fire Volume 2


“A Lifetime with Guitars”


“ Peter Rogine” & “Joe Carbone”

A Five Towns College Guitar Reunion

     Back by popular demand…!!  The truly inspired and dedicated “Peter Rogine” and “Joe Carbone”, will be burning it up and lighting the house on fire..!! In a compelling “Live Concert”…  So well seasoned and so well crafted, sounds that resonate skill and precision.  As they bring their two brilliant guitar styles together, to deliver an exciting blend of rare performances… With a reputation that stands strong with among the highest level of standards of musicianship… please join us as we welcome once again this dynamic duo…  With much praise and high regard… Volume 2 promises to be the best of their combined Jazz  Excellence in guitar execution yet…!!!

     It is no surprise, to re- introduce these two guitar masters, and long time colleagues…. And, well let’s  just say that they are… “In Tune” with one another….  In addition there will be special appearances from some  of their musical friends…  These two guys are alive and kickin’, ’shakin’ and bakin’ “Rockin’ and Rollin’ “… 

     This is a unique performance that is sure be a real treat…!!  Former shows have had lingering effects on their devoted audiences… The word is that guitar fans and enthusiasts were left feeling genuinely inspired by the excitement of the previous concert..!!  Should I say “Riveting”…?!?   Come see and hear for yourself, the virtue and skill of these “Real Deal” live performers..!!  You can smell the smoke as their guitars roar….

     Oops I almost forgot to mention that you are all invited to meet the artists after the concert..!!  Where you will also have a chance to view and appreciate an eclectic array of a “Classic Jazz Guitar Collection” on display…!!


It’s all Right Here

 At The Dix Hills Performing Arts Center…

At Five Towns College…

AnExtremely Versatile & Exciting  selection of

“Live Entertainment”


by LJC

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Date & Time: Friday March 9, 7:30 p.m. *$20