Miss Riordan Drinks a Little

Miss Riordan Drinks a LittleDirected By Jennifer Hart

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So, when I read the play description, I immediately thought of Holiday time.  I’m very sure that within each household, somewhere or everywhere, that there is a family feast.  A festive gathering, that sometimes might be strained or even with a little tension added in the mix.  Every circle of siblings has their share of issues… Anyway, now I’m not saying it’s always a rivalry, however…there is that distinct possibility that there may be some arguing or disagreeing while stirring that pot of gravy in the Kitchen!  After all, someone has to take responsibility for over cooking that Turkey…Right!?

   It sounds to me that this storyline, of” Miss Riordan Drinks a Little” is of a subject matter that may sting like a bee… a harsh bite of reality finds its way to somehow comfort us in the humor of knowing that…well, the fact that you’re not alone. When it comes to delicate bonds that are easily shattered or broken, as  brotherhood ties could become threatened to unravel upon the dreaded family crisis mode!  Which we have all probably come to face already, or will at some point in life…

   So, this play could be like a group therapy session! Ha… just to let you know… Every family has cracks or whacks… and so yes, please I will take three olives in that Martini..!!  And, do please join us while we embrace the humorous and seemingly reality reflections, of why Miss Riordan drinks a little…  Reminds me of something of a cliché once upon a time spoken…. “Friends may come and friends may go… but family you shall never outgrow.”

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