An Eric Clapton Tribute with The Eric Clapton Chronicles and The Music of Santana with Milagro

An Eric Clapton Tribute


The Eric Clapton Chronicles


The Music of Santana



     The Dix Hills Performing Arts Center has a wonderful evening of very cool music in store for you…  The Clapton Chronicles are a group of finely tuned musicians that with keep you mesmerized with songs that will stir up many of the incredible Rock History memories from your 1960′s & 1970′s…  Honoring the famous sounds of the amazing Eric Clapton… This night of tribute will include a repertoire of most acclaimed song titles from Clapton’s early career… remembering the best of  ’Cream’, ‘Blind Faith’ & ’Derek and The Dominos’…  This night of tribute will also feature the very talented group of musicians Milagro, dedicated to bringing you their interpretations of music by another legendary giant band, Santana… 

     * Rock Guitarist Carlos Santana became famous in the late 1960s and early 1970s with his band, Santana, which pioneered rock, salsa and jazz fusion.  The band’s sound featured his melodic, blues-based guitar lines set against Latin and African rhythms featuring percussion instruments such as timbales and congas not generally heard in rock music… Recognizing the highly identifiable smoothe guitar styles of Carlos Santana with songs like “Black Magic Woman”, ” Evil Ways” “Maria Maria”, “Taboo” and many more…

      * Eric Clapton  has had an amazing and profound impact on our Music History…  He has been referred to as one of the most important and influential guitarists of all time..!  The legendary group Cream brought Clapton to famed recognition in the United States.  Bringing us songs including “Cocaine” and “Badge”, of which Clapton co-wrote with another well known artist, George Harrison of the Beatles…  A friendship that lead Clapton to become the featured guitarist on the very famous Beatles tune “While my Guitar Gently
Weeps”…  *
In 1969, the group entitled Blind Faith was the creation of just one very special album, adding to our Rock History the song “Layla”…  Just a little trivia, did you know that Steve Winwood was also a member of Blind Faith…?!  * In 1970, Derek and The Dominos was a formed to create a heavily blues influenced album of which Clapton collaborated on tunes with such music icons and artists like Dr. John, Leon Russell, Billy Preston and Ringo Starr… Also featured in the line up was Duane Allman on slide guitar…  * Clapton’s solo career skyrocketed in 1974, with the release of his own version of Bob Marley’s, “I Shot the Sheriff”, which became a #1  hit..!  Which helped bring the origin of the songs ‘Reggae’ sound to mass market as well…

     Don’t miss out on this incredible night of music, magic… & Rock History… Check for ticket availability, this show is sure to sell-out fast…! 


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Date & Time:  Friday, July 20 7:30 p.m.  * $35, $30, $25

Tom LaGravinese… Impersonator, Comedian, Estraordinaire…

Tom LaGravinese




     Join us for a special night of fun-filled entertainment with this multi-talented  national performer… The Dix Hills Performing Art Center is proud to welcome  the very talented Tom LaGravinese, back by popular demand..!  Tom is an extraordinary entertainer, comedian and singing impressionist that will bring you all of the joy and the inspiration of the most legendary performers in the world.  Tom is known for thrilling his audiences countrywide with a bouncy style…  He delivers a variety of songs and antics of the greatest singers and comedians that have defined the ‘history of classic entertainment’ over the years.  Included in this evening of excitement and laughter will be the art of Tom LaGravinese depicting sounds and styles of well loved singing sensations like…  Elvis, Tom Jones Dean Martin, Neil Diamond and Frank Sinatra…  In addition to this amazing roster of names will be Toms flawless impersonations of the most sought after comedic wonders…  You will be bellowing with laughter, as you are reminded of the edgy and humorous banters of the hilarious, George Burns, Grouch Marx and Jerry Lewis…

     This is a classy evening of fine entertainment, with a real seasoned pro…!  Make sure to put this date on your calendar, and get some friends together for a really delightful night of vibrant entertainment…  At your local and very lovely theatre, The Dix Hills Performing Arts Center…  Hope to see you there, laughing loud and hearty…

     Tom LaGravinese is known to be a sell-out show…So make sure to reserve your seats in advance..!!


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Date & Time: Saturday, July 21 7:30 p.m.* $50, $40, $35,$30

Celebrating “Springsteen” with… “Tramps Like Us”




“Tramps Like Us”


     Get ready for one powerful musical experience…!  The Dix Hills Performing Arts Center  presents this hands down, number one Bruce Springsteen tribute band, Tramps Like Us”…  The Tramps are a dedicate group of inspired and incredibly well honed musicians the will explode into the night, with an amazing repertoire of more than a hundred songs..!  For over tow decades, this passionate band has earned  its  great recognition by displaying a spirited style  and energetic stage presence.  With true distinction this band really capture the essence and raw intensity of the “Boss” himself.  You will embark on an electrifying journey as you reminisce the classic and  signature sounds of one of rock-n roll’s greatest performers, Bruce Springsteen.  These guys are really on fire..!!  So gather together with some friends and reserve your tickets in advance because they are definitely going to bring down the house..!!

     Are you ready to be reminded of some fine times and ‘Rock History”..?!?  Please allow me to mention the classic songwriting of the legendary Bruce Springsteen. The songs of his true dedication, passion and fire that have defined his career…  And have enriched our hearts us throughout the years…  “Born in The U.S.A.”, “Dancing in the Dark”, “Glory Days”, “Born to Run”, “E Street Shuffle”, “Tenth Avenue Free-out”, “Thunder Road”…  And this list goes on and on…
The “Boss” is a true master of his craft…  With an astounding career of high voltage, live rock concert, arena stadium sell-out performer… 

     “Tramps Like Us” was formed in 1990, they have been distinctively recognized, and given high praise by dozens of publications, radio stations, music industry personal, including former “Springsteen” producer and manager Mike Appel and the official Springsteen Radio Station: E Street Radio/Sirius XM.  Tramps were also honored as the ONLY tribute band to be endorsed by members of “The Springsteen Camp”.  This is a first time appearance on Long Island for “Tramps like Us”..!  So let’s raise the roof and give them a huge welcome..!  This will be one amazing night to remember for you & your friends …!  And the “Tramps”… 


We are very honored to welcome this ‘Band of Thunder’ 

in their ’very first Long Island Appearance’

 Experience our featured night with some friends..!

 Right here at The Dix Hills Performing Arts Center

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Date & Time:  Friday July 27 7:30 p.m. *$35, $30, $25

Marilyn Michaels… America’s Premier Woman of a Thousand Faces & Voices.! in “A Funny Girl Revisited”

Marilyn Michaels…

America’s Premier woman of a Thousand Faces & Voices


“A Funny Girl Revisited”

     This is a top notch evening at the Dix Hills Performing Arts theatre..!  Marilyn Michaels is a first class Entertainer of musical comedy.  You will be thoroughly amazed with her hilarious antics and command of stage presence, as she introduces her cast of one hundred characters…   Including Barbra Streisand , Joan Rivers, Diane Keaton, Sarah Palin and many more… In a one woman show..!  Step up to this humorous and light hearted event with a group of friends to enjoy ac crazy good time, Marilyn Michaels is one smart and classy act that you definitely don’t want to miss…

     * Marilyn Michaels…Winner of an outer Critic Circle Award and a Drama League Award for her debut in “Catskills On Broadway”.  From the time she starred as Fannie Brice in the national company of Funny Girl, garnering rave reviews throughout the country, and through her debut on the Emmy winning television series, The Kopykats, Marilyn has become familiar to fans all over the world.  Marilyn has brought her gift for satire and her powerful singing style to such diverse venues as Las Vegas and Atlantic City, starring at Harrahs, Hotel in the dazzling revue, “Broadway Ballyhoo”…  She is known as a “triple threat performer”… Wow.!!


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This show is going to sell-out fast…!

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Date & Time:  Saturday, July 28 7:30 p.m. *$50, $40, $35, $30


Women Composers: Romantic to Ragtime… Featuring “Judith Alstadter”, Piano

Women Composers…

Romantic to Ragtime


“Judith Alstadter”

 on the Piano…

     This is a unique and upbeat concert prepared by Dr. Judith Alstadter, that will highlight selections of Great Women Composers.  Bringing to your attention a vast catalogue of fascinating piano styles from the 19th century and early 20th century European composers…  Including Clara Schumann, Distinguished pianist and wife of Robert Schumann;  Fanny Mendelssohn, sister of Felix Mendelssohn;  Teresa Carreno, Venezuelan piano virtuoso;  Cecile Chaminade, French pianist; As well as American ragtime composers reminiscent of Scott Joplin…  Piano works from the early 20th century, including Adaline Shepherd, May Aufderheide, and Muriel Pollack.  Dr. Alstadter will enrich this program with a brief commentary on the lives and influences of these fine women composers… Which might have gone un-recognized throughout the years, as we have defined the many men composers along the way…  Please join us on this tasteful evening at the Dix Hills Performing Arts Center to brighten you musical awareness to the rich treasures of women composers… 

    * Dr. Judith Alstadter is a concert pianist, music educator, lecturer, and recording artist.  She has achieved recognition and praise for the beauty and virtuosity of her interpretations and the originality of her programs.  She has concertized in the United States, Europe, and the Caribbean, including appearances at Alice Tully Hall Lincoln Center and Carnegie Recital Hall.

     * Judith Alstadter’sAlice Tully Hall series devoted to the complete works of Gabriel Faure, heard for the first time in New York, was widely acclaimed for “keyboard command,” “sensitivity,” and “color, imagination, dramatic flair.  This program entitled Romantic Women Composers has been formerly “praised for its uniqueness and sensitivity.

      * Born in New York, Judith Alstadter is a graduate of the Julliard School, and holds a Doctoral Degree from Yale University School of Music.  She also studied in France with Jeanne-Marie Darré… This is one accomplished and elegant women..!  Just a reminder, gentlemen welcome…


Join us for a unique evening 

Tasteful and upbeat piano styles of women composers…

At The Dix Hills Performing Arts Center

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Date & Time:  Sunday, July 29 @ 2:00 p.m. * $15, $10

A Night of Latin Entertainment… Produced by Ed Perez Entertainment with Dancing * Samba,Mambo,Cha Cha, Salsa, Merengue & even Zumba…

A Night of Latin Entertainment

Produced by

Ed Perez Entertainment

Samba, Mambo, Cha Cha, Salsa, Merengue & Even some Zumba

     Get ready to feel the exciting and fun beats of Latin inspired music…  Put on your dancing shoes and let your hair down on this Friday night at The Dix Hills Performing Arts Center..!  You will definately rise to the occasion, with this program of genuine Latino Prodution by Ed Perez Entertainment… 

     * El Paso born/San Antonio Texas raised artist Ed Perez has filled numerous concert venues, clubs and both TV and radio stations all over the Southwest with his catchy songs. Under new label, Bold Red Entertainment, Ed Perez will release his newest single ‘Not Just Wordz’.

     In addition to his own music and styles, Ed Perez will be featuring  music that is sure to inspire you get up and dance.  Samba, Mambo, Cha Cha, Salsa, Merengue and maybe even some Zumba..!  Sounds like a fun night of burning calories to me.  Vamos Amigos… 


Latin Music and Dancing

at The Dix Hills Performing Arts Center

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Date & Time:  Friday, August 3 7:30 p.m. * $20


Arnie Gruber Music Presents-My Music,My Life… With a Special Tribute to Bobby Darin *Starring Lou Villano with Ballrom Dancing By Arnie Gruber & His Band

Arnie Gruber Music Presents

My Music… My Life…

In a Special Tribute to 

 ”Bobby Darin”


 ”Lou Villano”

with Ballroom Dancing…

 by Arnie Gruber & His Band


     The Dix Hills Performing Arts Center is proud to present and evening of class and style…  Enjoy the magnetic stage presence and powerful voice of this talented showman extraordinaire, Lou Villano.  Lou will charm his way into your heart with h up -tempo musical performances that will feature the very memorable music of the 50′s & 60′s…  In this exciting program with a ‘Special Tribute’ to the legendary Bobby Darin…  Lou has a praised reputation for fulfilling his audiences with his dedication to translating the songs of the most idolized singers, that will inspire you with magical memories of  growing up in an era with tasteful and melodic craft in songwriting…

          * Bobby Darin started as a songwriter for Connie Francis, and recorded his own first million-seller “Splish Splash” in 1958. This was followed by “Dream Lover”, “Mack the Knife” and “Beyond the Sea”, which brought him world fame. In 1962, he won a Golden Globe for his first film “Come September”, co-starring his wife Sandra Dee.

          *Lou Villano began his career as a night club performer working in the Catskill Mountains, Dangerfield’s, The Rainbow Room in New York City, San Souci on Long Island, The 802 Club in Brooklyn, and The Moulin Rouge on Staten Island.  He still goes back to his roots in New York every year performing around the tri-state area including the Catskill Mountains. During his career, he has also enjoyed playing small extra parts in television’s “Law and Order,” “Third Watch,” “Deadline,” “The Sopranos” and the new USA Network series “Burn Notice.” 

          Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Lou relocated to Florida from Long Island in 2005.  Among his many accomplishments, he is especially proud whenever he is asked to sing the “National Anthem” at Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter, Florida.  Whatever the arena Lou performs in, he is dynamic, has great style, and is the ultimate entertainer..!  His show is “A MUST SEE”.

          * Once again, we are enriched with the musical arrangements of the the very talented Arnie Gruber & his band…  Join together with some friends on this special night of music and appreciation…  A touch of class and rich entertainment, starring the very charismatic performer Lou Villano..!


A treasure of an evening is in store for you…

at The Dix Hills Performing Arts Center

This show is a must see

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Date & Time: Saturday, August 4 7:30 p.m. *$50, $45, $40, $35


The Hilarious Comedy of “Uncle Floyd”

The Hilarious Comedy


“Uncle Floyd”

     The Dix Hills Performing Arts Center is proud to present The Hilarious Comedy of Uncle Floyd.  Back by popular demand..!  Join us with a group of friends to enjoy this evening of huge belly laughs from the most beloved entertainer in the world’.  Uncle Floyd is praised by his colleages for his audience adoration, as well as his humble abilities of delivering a variety of jokes, songs and intriguing stories…  He is a much love star in Manhattan night clubs, across the tri-state area as well as New Jersey Atlantic City hotels, TV appearances, film and radio…  He has a great appreciation for his fans. And once again he promises that he will do his best to ‘bark on key’..!

     * Did you know…  Uncle Floyd has appeared on several television shows filmed in New York City  including Law & Order, 100 Centre Street, Cosby and he was a regulat on the Sirius Satellite Radioprogram The Wise Guys Show on Raw Dog Comedy (channel 104) hosted by former Sopranos  cast member Vincent Pastore.  He has also had bit parts in the movies Good Morning Vietnam, Crazy People and Mr. Wonderful. He also appeared briefly in One Trick Pony in a deleted scene.  Since 1987, he has been broadcasting on WVIP-FM 93.5 radio from , where he plays a wide range of Italian music. He claims to have the largest collection of Italian records in the world..!

     * In the 90′s Floyd had a show called “The Silk Dolls and Uncle Floyd”. Featured appearance by actress “Cice Rivera” and several other Silk Dolls for approximately 20 episodes.  In 1999, he was placed in the Guinness Book of World Records for non-stop piano playing, having played for 24 hours and 15 minutes… Go Uncle Floyd..!!  


An evening of hearty laughter…

at The Dix Hills Performing Arts Center

Gather with some friend for this King of Comedy..! 

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Date & Time:  Saturday, August 11 7:30 p.m. * $20

Two Tenors & A Lady… Broadway Meets Opera *Starring – Christopher Maccio, Elio Scaccio & Simona Rodano

Two Tenors & A Lady

Broadway Meets Opera


Christopher Macchio, Elio Scaccio & Simona Rodano


     The Dix Hills Performing Arts Center is proud to announce this exciting and tasteful musical experience…  The Greatest Songs of the Greatest Tenors of All Time..! Two Tenors & A Lady is an exciting show featuring the dapper duo Christopher Macchio and Elio Scaccio as the new super group, VETRO. With heaven-sent voices and devilish good looks, these two vocal powerhouses use passion and charm to breathe new life into the classics of Opera and Broadway. Two Tenors & A Lady will thrill fans of Pavarotti, Bocelli, Mario Lanza and Tom Jones with passionate and contemporary performances by virtuoso tenors Macchio and Scaccio, and the sultry styling of talented soprano Simona Rodano.

     Christopher Macchio is a classically trained vocalist with a rare vocal gift, possessing an instrument of great power, passion and beauty. His album, “Dolci Momenti”, was recently released and he performed on a PBS TV Concert DVD in 2010. He is considered a rising international star tenor, as he tours both sides of the Atlantic.

     Elio Scaccio is a veteran performer of the highest caliber, having performed in genres ranging from classical to topping the charts as the lead singer in a touring rock band. He released his album, “Lettere D’Amore”, in 2010, and performs to sold-out shows across the United States.

     Simona Rodano is a conservatory-trained classical and jazz Soprano from Turin, Italy where she sang her way into the hearts of millions as the star of daily TV variety shows and Broadway-style touring musical productions.  A woman with a voice as elegant as her stage presence, her successes have now led to extensive appearances on US radio and television, including on an upcoming children’s cable program. Two Tenors & A Lady will be an enchanting evening for lovers of opera and Broadway musicals. Bravo Bravo… Andiamo..!! 

Get your tickets soon…

This show will certainly sell out.!!

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Date & Time:  Saturday, September 8, 7:30 pm $50, $45, $40, $35

Tribute to Ella Fitzgerald & Lionel Hampton with Cat da Silva and Bryan Carrott



 Ella Fitzgerald & Lionel Hampton


Cat da Silva & Bryan Carrott 


     A very classy evening is in store for you at The Dix Hills Performing Arts Center… As we proudly present this amazing presentation of Jazz Tribute to the legendary Ella and Lionel Hampton.

     Ella Fitzgerald, also known as the “First Lady of Song” “Queen of Jazz” and “Lady Ella,” was an American jazz and song vocalist] with a vocal range spanning three octaves, noted for her purity of tone, impeccable diction, phrasing and intonation, and a “horn-like” improvisational ability, particularly in her scat singing. She was a notable interpreter of the Great American Songbook and over the course of her 59-year recording career, was the winner of 13 Grammy Awards and was awarded the National Medal of Arts by Ronald Reagan and the Presidential Medal of Freedom by George H. W. Bush. 

      Cat da Silva’s audiences have often been reminded of the smooth ‘scat’ vocal styling of Ella Fitzgerald upon hearing her voice.  Cat’s specialty lies in the jazz standards, with a sprinkling of novelty tunes, bebop, and Latin standards. Trained to sing in seven languages, Cat is currently singing in the greater New York area and venues throughout Europe and the United States.

     Lionel Hampton was a renowned jazz vibraphonist, pianist, percussionist and bandleader. Hampton’s musical career has spanned 60 years, ranking among the great names in jazz history, he worked with a who’s who of jazz musicians, from Benny Goodman and Buddy Rich to Charlie Parker and Quincy Jones. This tribute to Lionel Hampton features internationally renowned jazz vibraphonist/mallet percussionist Bryan Carrott.

      Bryan Carrott performs, records and tours extensively…  A prolific composer and improviser, he was also an accomplished pianist before undertaking studies in percussion. Bryan has been cited by Down Beat Magazine’s International Critics’ Poll seven of the last nine years for “Talent Deserving Wider Recognition” in the vibes category and been featured in film, television and was a mallet/multi-percussionist for Disney’s Broadway production of “The Lion King.”


Another Exciting Evening of ‘top shelf’ music performances…

At the Dix Hills Performing Arts Center

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Date & Time: Sunday August 9th @ 3:00 p.m. *$30, $25, $20